15 Mar 2013

Kinetic Clouds: Installations by Laurent Debraux

  Let´s start a day with a cloud hovering in a room. Ok, the cloud is made of cotton wool and it´s hovering by the use of magnetism, but how beautiful it is, nonetheless! The french artist Laurent Debraux builds kinetic installations working mostly with metal and magnets. He...
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31 Oct 2012

Yayoi Kusama’s 100 Paintings

In celebration of the collaboration Louis Vuitton provided this exclusive behind the scenes look at Yayoi in her studio creating her unforgettable work.
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23 Oct 2012

Tim Walker The Storyteller

The world of Tim Walker is a fun place to inhabit and Somerset House is hosting an impressive retrospective of his work containing images and props from his unforgettable fashion shoots.
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18 Oct 2012

Floral Skullpture

While death in itself has never been a subject that is easily tired of, Jacky Tsai has evolved his floral skull concept before most recently arriving at the conclusion of three-dimensional sculptures adorned with a thousand leather flowers.
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10 Oct 2012

Ron Ulicny

While Ron Ulicny is a collector of all these interestingly mundane, his work isn't simply interesting juxtapositions or singular items imbued with mystical meaning. They are labours of intense detail and vision.
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26 Sep 2012

Rom 13

What is that one important choice that changed your life? Rom 13 (Room 13) is a book project by Norwegian multidisciplinary design studio Work In Progress asking that very question to celebrities and former criminals.
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19 Sep 2012

‘Falling’ by Adriano Cirulli

Filmmaker Adriano Cirulli self-financed this stunning piece that uses special effects and the talents of Italian ballet dancers and gymnasts to create a mesmerising gravity-defying film.
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13 Sep 2012

The Transformative Chronotype

The Transformative Chronotype is an ambitious project, using colour it aims to compensate where modern busy living lacks by manipulating the human body clock using colour and light.
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05 Sep 2012

The Good Fight

London College of Fashion alumnus Joanna Natalija Gourley's beautiful series of images 'Nocturne' and 'Revolution' form part of a bigger attempt to reconnect us to the intangible and ethereal.
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30 Aug 2012

A Nature of Patterns

Fine art photographer and lecturer Lisa Frank makes large scale photographic prints that reference traditional wallpaper design and the work of William Morris.
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15 Aug 2012

The Project Twins’ Picture Dictionary

The latest project from The Project Twins, James and Michael Fitzgerald, will expand your vocabulary as well as beautify your living space.
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19 Jul 2012

Anthropocene by Lorenzo Vitturi

Lorenzo Vitturi reflects on the relationship between man and nature – in line with 16th Century naturalistic painting – a symbolic system able to visualise the intersection between these two dimensions.
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13 Jul 2012

Nick Gentry’s Obsolete Art

Nick Gentry uses floppy disks and obsolete technology to interrogate our relationship with identity, and particularly our progression onto the accumulation of digital identities.
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11 Jul 2012

Human Nature

Finnish photographer and designer Christoffer Relander creates this ethereal multiple exposure portraits using in-camera techniques.
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10 Jul 2012

Great Innovations

Exploring the connections between typography, literature and how we engage with the written word, GraphicDesign& created a brief to design and lay out the first page of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.
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